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Why do people collect art? How do works of art become political instruments? What does it mean for descendants when a looted work of art is returned? Our educational materials are closely aligned with the content of the website. They encourage pupils to engage with the "forgotten life stories" independently and in small groups using audio stations, short films and maps. The learning sets contain didactic handouts, work assignments, presentation texts and source materials on various aspects of the topic of art theft under National Socialism.

The materials can be used in the subjects of history, art, social studies and ethics and are suitable for pupils from year 9 onwards. They are free to use under the CC BY NC ND licence.

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Didactic handout

Set 1

Florence Flersheim

Art ownership and emigration under National Socialism

Set 2

Friedrich Guttsmann

Reparation and compensation in the post-war period

Teacher training

We offer online teacher training courses to accompany the didactic materials. If you are interested and have any questions about the formats, please contact us by email. We also welcome suggestions, comments and experience reports.